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Cuppa Tea


This is an initial meeting where you can get to know us, ask questions, and determine if EnlivenPlus is right for you. This meeting can be held at your home, a cafe, or virtually if you or your family prefer - and there is absolutely no pressure. The question we ask ourselves is whether we believe we can improve the life of the person with dementia.


You’ll get to know us better while becoming well informed of what we can offer - before you decide whether to sign up to our EnlivenPlus services.

$299 incl gst


  • A rigorous assessment of your situation and needs

  • Up to three visits from a Specialist Care Manager

  • A support plan tailored to your individual needs


  • A shared understanding of the person with dementia’s needs and goals

  • The development of a personalised support plan.

$684 incl gst
Post-diagnosis Support


  • Six one-hour visits from a dementia Specialist Care Manager

  • Support and guidance to help you work out the next steps

  • Support with understanding dementia and strategies for managing symptoms and managing symptoms

  • Identification of challenges and available services


  • The dementia diagnosis has been demystified and you’ll feel more in control again

  • The stress of the unknown is reduced, and care and support is in-sync

Anchor Additional Respite


Short-term in home

$60 per hr
incl gst

Living Well Support Worker

$120 per hr
incl gst
Specialist Care Manager


  • There may be occasions when additional support or respite hours are required.

  • EnlivenPlus is able to accommodate additional visits on an hourly basis (minimum additional support from the SCM is one hour, and minimum additional visit from the Living Well Support is two hours).


  • The person with dementia and their family feels fully informed and supported.

  • If the additional hours are for respite the person with dementia has had an amazing time and is looking forward to us coming again. The primary care partner has genuinely been able to relax, take a break and recharge the batteries.


There were no surprises for me in your information – I was so relieved that you were able to perfectly read the room and talk to the fears that were driving Dad’s resistance… Hopefully calmer waters from here.

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