EnlivenPlus is changing the way we work alongside those living with dementia, to support them to live their best life at home.

We embrace a culture that supports people living with dementia to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. A life with meaning and connection. Our tailored programme is being initially rolled out in Tauranga. It is focused on empowering you to meet your individual goals, aspirations and interests. Furthermore, as part of the Presbyterian Support Northern charitable organisation, we can draw upon 135 years of experience in caring for people from all walks of life.

EnlivenPlus is a privately paid service providing one-on-one professional in-home support for those with dementia, tailored to their personal objectives. We ensure voices are heard and needs understood. Tailored support includes education at home to reduce stress and distress to support your best life.

Our evidence-based programme is a partnership between those living with dementia, their loved ones and the EnlivenPlus team. At the heart of EnlivenPlus is our philosophy of providing the highest levels of care, provided by people who truly understand dementia and its complexity. This enables those living with dementia to remain engaged, happy, healthy and connected to their family, whānau, friends and community.

EnlivenPlus teams are specialists in dementia care and are passionate about supporting those living with dementia. We want to support you to remain independent and comfortable in your own home for as long as possible, with the people and things you love. A life where you continue to enjoy the activities that matter to you, as well as enjoying new experiences.

By embracing and championing those living with dementia, we are committed to walking alongside them and their whānau, every step of the way to ensure they live their best lives possible.


Alongside you, every step of the way.