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Happy Elderly Couple Dementia Care Services


The EnlivenPlus range of services include Active Respite Care and Transition to Care, Post-diagnosis and Assessment, Wrap-around Support, and Flourishing with Dementia. Some are available as a monthly subscription package, and others are pay as you go.

Anchor Services

Our goal is to help people to live life to its fullest in the comfort of their own homes, while providing support to their families, whānau and carers.

Rather than being defined by dementia, we acknowledge it and become champions for our clients by focusing on what is still possible so they can feel more in control of their lives.

All of our services are provided by qualified healthcare professionals who are passionate about making life better for people, including those with dementia.

Anchor Pillars of Support




We will undertake a rigorous assessment of your individual situation and needs with face-to-face visits at a place where you feel comfortable - usually your home or a cafe. We’ll spend this time getting to know you to determine how we can help you live your best life, before developing a support plan tailored to your needs.


A diagnosis of dementia may present challenges that may be amplified by a lack of information and understanding of the condition and its likely progression. With health and support systems also being complex, our education service provides you with the information and resources you need to avoid stress and crisis.

Active Respite Care (short-term in home)

Our in-home respite service provides a care partner or family member with the opportunity to take time out while the person is in the safe, trusted hands of an EnlivenPlus healthcare professional.

Our respite is different - rather than just 'watch' the person, we're there to be a companion and engage them in things that bring them joy. This may include visits out to cafes, the beach, parks, galleries, the library etc or they may just want to sit and dhat, play a game or read the paper. You can request a single respite visit, regular visits or more ad hoc visits - whatever meets your needs.

Activities of choice

We will support you to continue enjoying your favourite activities, and perhaps finding new ones - it’s all about providing stimulating and enjoyable activities of your choosing.

Physical and psychological wellness

Being physically active is an important part of maintaining good heart and brain health. Physical activity increases your feel-good hormones, promotes restful sleep, decreases stress and increases your overall physical health and functioning. We will provide you with strategies to achieve and maintain good physical and psychological wellness.

Cognitive reablement

Our EnlivenPlus professionals provide cognitive reablement activities that follow a structured process focusing on different topics each time. These activities are based on evidence that stimulating and newly learnt activities can improve the brain’s ability to modify, adapt or change - and help slow the progression of dementia.

Integrated care

Your EnlivenPlus team will work with you to ensure the people that matter to you are kept up-to-date with your progress - which can include medical, social and community support people, as well as family members.

Adapting the home

We will help you identify potential risks in your home and suggest simple adaptations to assist you in your day-to-day life.


Unfortunately, when someone is diagnosed with dementia they can become ‘invisible’. We will become your advocates to ensure that your voice is heard, and with your permission we will speak on your behalf if you are not being listened to.

Community connections

Positive social connections are important for a healthy brain function, reinforcing our identity, and providing a sense of belonging - so EnlivenPlus will support you in maintaining your community connections.


There were no surprises for me in your information – I was so relieved that you were able to perfectly read the room and talk to the fears that were driving Dad’s resistance… Hopefully calmer waters from here.

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