To help support you to live your best life with dementia, we start by getting to know you and understanding your goals.

Once we understand your unique life story, fears, aspirations and support structures, we then work together to create a menu of services to help you achieve your goals.

People with Dementia

Rather than be defined by dementia, we want to acknowledge it, while focusing on what is still possible. We believe life should continue with every day being full of purpose, new experiences, learnings and connections. Whilst we focus on wellness, part of our support role is to demystify dementia, helping to remove fears of the future. Critical to everything we do, is to be your champion so you feel more in control.

Care Partners and Families/Whanau

A diagnosis of dementia is a life-changing event, largely because of the misunderstandings and myths surrounding what a diagnosis means. Unfortunately, this is further complicated by a confusingly fragmented health and support sector.

As your EnlivenPlus team, our role is to be a supportive and caring partner as we walk alongside you and those living with dementia, to ensure you remain one step ahead - so the journey is a little less bumpy with fewer surprises.

Evidence clearly demonstrates that supporting care partners and whānau/family enables everyone to continue living their best lives while providing better support for the person living with dementia. We want you to feel confident that they are in the best possible hands and remain happy, healthy, and safe and secure - and most importantly focused on living the life they aspire to.





A diagnosis of dementia may present many challenges that can be amplified by a lack of information and understanding of the condition and its likely progression. Health and support systems are also complex. Our navigation service is about providing you with the information and resources you need.

Education about dementia 

The EnlivenPlus team is selected for its experience in the complexities of dementia and the unique journey each person and their whānau/family will have with dementia. Education keeps you prepared, helping reduce stress and therefore crises.

Respite (short-term, in-home)

In-home respite provides a care partner with the opportunity to take time out while giving them peace of mind that the person with dementia is in safe, trusted hands and participating in meaningful and stimulating activities.

Cognitive reablement

Evidence shows that stimulating and newly learnt activities can improve neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to modify, adapt or change). This can help slow the progression of dementia. Cognitive reablement activities follow a structured process that focuses on different topics each time.


This is me

Like old photographs, memories can fade over time. We help you retain these memories by assisting you and your whānau/family to develop a ‘This is me’ leather folder. This unique part of the programme captures your life story, identifies what is important to you now, and what may become important in the future. When memories start to fade, we want you to continue to tell your story while enabling those around you to have a resource that allows them to understand ‘you’.

Activities of choice

Supporting you to continue enjoying your favourite activities and perhaps find new ones. We will get to know you as well as we can and will take our lead from you - it’s all about providing stimulating and enjoyable activities that you choose. 

Physical and psychological wellness 

“What is good for the heart is good for the brain” - being physically active is an important part of maintaining good heart and therefore brain health. Physical activity increases the “feel good” hormones, promotes restful sleep, decreases stress and increases overall physical health and functioning. We will also help you to maintain good psychological wellness and provide you with regular strategies regarding this. 

Adapting the home 

We aim to support you to live your life to your best potential, but we also want you to remain safe while doing so. We will help you identify potential risks in your home and will suggest simple adaptations and the use of assistive technologies to assist you in your day-to-day life.


Unfortunately, when someone is diagnosed with dementia they can become ‘invisible’. We will ensure that your voice is heard and with your permission we will speak for you if you are not heard or listened to.

Integrated Care

Your EnlivenPlus team will work with you to ensure the people that matter to you are kept up-to-date with your progress. This can include medical, social and community support people as well as whānau/family. 

Community Connections

Positive social connections are important for healthy brain function, reinforcing our identity, and providing a sense of belonging. Your EnlivenPlus team will support you with maintaining community connections.


Our Kitcal tablets are an important and unique part of our programme. They are a great tool in addition to our face-to-face visits. The Kitcal tablets are simplified electronic devices that keep you in touch with important people in your life, alert you to events, and even enable video calls with those in other towns or countries.


An exciting and unique part of our programme is the use of Kitcal - a specially designed electronic device that helps you stay socially connected to whānau and friends.

Designed in New Zealand by someone whose mother had dementia, Kitcal is simple in design and easy to use. A 4G Wi-Fi connection is included in your subscription costs. You don’t need to worry about set up and use. We are here to walk through that with you.

Key Features

  • Keep in touch - enables voice and video calls.

  • Receive text messages from family and friends.

  • Enables the family and chosen friends to keep in touch with photos. Great for those grandkids who might not always be the best at picking up the phone.

  • Appointment and reminders on Kitcal tablet are added remotely.

There is no longer any need to be disconnected from family through not having access or being afraid of technology. This is simple to use, safe and operated remotely by an admin person of your choice.