We want to make sure you never feel alone through your journey with dementia. EnlivenPlus provides you and your whānau/family with a consistent team with whom you are able to build a relationship based on trust and understanding.

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Dementia Care

Our dementia-trained Specialist Care Managers and Living Well Support teams are selected for their commitment, compassion and empathy. All undertake our unique person-centred dementia training to provide the highest levels of care.



Our programme is focused on enabling those living with dementia to achieve their individual goals and aspirations. EnlivenPlus empowers you to continue enjoying the interests you love as well as having new experiences, so you can live your best life.

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With You Every Step

Purpose Driven

A charity with 135 years experience of providing care and support in the community. We continually invest in programmes, support and services that ensure the highest levels of care.

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All One Team

We believe in building a seamless support team by working closely with, and advocating for you with family, doctors, social services and any other relevant organisations or community groups.